Mentoring, what for?

Mentoring is a learning and professional development tool that provides an exchange and sharing of experiences, knowledge and expertise between a senior professional and another person to develop and grow.

Business Mentorship Programs

We design and develop training programs for mentoring skills and support in follow-up meetings.

The Role of the Mentor

Mentors are enthusiastic, influential, inspiring, committed employees who are involved with the organization and have a proven track record in their role, invited to join the program. 

The role of the mentor is to support, advise, guide and challenge. They are also accelerators of the change process.

Process and Methodology


Development of Mentoring skills, which allow the mentoring team to acquire skills so that through a personal development relationship to promote the evolution and growth of less experienced employees. Implementing a Mentoring program requires strategic planning and organization to match mentors and mentees, increase knowledge and build skills for future goals and milestones. 


We emphasize that the proposed contents and methodology presented are only indicative and that before defining the final contents of the training, we will characterize the needs together with you, gathering information about the objectives to be achieved and the employees’ expectations, with the aim of ensuring greater effectiveness in transmitting knowledge.

Masterfulme Coaching Model

All models have similar elements in discovering the client’s perspective and reality, setting goals or objectives, offering different viewpoints or options, and then choosing the best course of action to move forward toward a desired state.

Benefits of Mentoring in your Organization

  • Mentoring develops a learning culture
  • Mentoring promotes diversity and inclusion
  • Mentoring enhances career development

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