Masterful Me

At Masterful Me we focus on developing coaching skills for leaders and executives.

Masterful Me is a dynamic, agile, flexible and creative company with the Purpose of facilitating People Developing, through the alignment of the Values and Strategy of the Organizations with whom it builds co-creation partnerships.

We believe that Masterful Me is a reference in the development of coaching skills for leaders and executives.


Masterful Me means the responsibility of each individual to become the best version of themselves. The main idea is that each person becomes aware of the space that exists to be filled with something better. Masterful Me wants everyone to become a “master of themselves”!


The Masterful Me logo drew inspiration from the Discoveries and from the Portuguese caravels that sailed over the horizon searching for new worlds. The brand symbol is portrayed by two overlapping sails, one of which is inverted over the other. Their yellow color creates the visual aspect of a star, a guiding star of discovery, the light, the capacity to see farther, to go beyond.