Contributing through Coaching for the development of People and Organizations

At Masterful Me we focus on developing coaching competencies for leaders and executives.

Masterful Me is a dynamic, agile, flexible and creative company with the purpose of developing people through the alignment with the values and strategic orientation of the organizations with which it establishes co-creation partnerships.

We believe Masterful Me is a reference in coaching competencies development for leaders and executives.

Our Vision

is to make the planet a better place to be by empowering people to achieve their full potential in a consciousness of sustainable well-being. We believe that when individuals explore their full potencial with the resources and support they need to reach their goals and live fulfilling lives, while also being mindful of the impact on the planet and future generations, we can create a more sustainable and equitable society


Our Mission

is to foster a coaching culture within organizations by promoting and maintaining high standards of professional practice and a culture of continuous learning in coaching and mentoring. We aim to achieve this through the development and promotion of ethical guidelines, as well as providing support and resources for practitioners and organizations to enhance their skills and knowledge. We strive to be a leading authority in the field, promoting excellence and integrity in coaching and mentoring for the benefit of individuals and organizations, and creating an environment where coaching is integrated into the organization’s culture.

Our Values


We emphasize honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in all aspects of the organization’s operations. It is essential for building trust with stakeholders and maintaining a positive reputation.



This value encourages creativity, experimentation, and taking calculated risks to drive progress and growth within the organization.



This value promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of the organization, including its workforce, customer base, and decision-making processes.



This value promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of the organization, including its workforce, customer base, and decision-making processes.


Meet our Team

With the diversity that characterizes us, we are in Coaching with the passion and enthusiasm to contribute to the change we want to see happen in People, Organizations and the World.

Anna Oliveira
Anna Oliveira

Executive Coach

"Reflect to grow, feel to evolve, believe to act, through Coaching."

I am a Coach and co-author of the MPP methodology for developing emotional maturity. I have 17 years of experience as a coach for C-Level executives and a trainer in leadership development for various hierarchical levels. A specialist in Emotional Intelligence and a consultant in human development processes in companies of various sizes and segments. She studied Social Communication (FIAM) and Coaching, has been trained since 2006 with specializations at ICI-Integrated Coaching Institute (Senior Coaching, Leadership, Life Coaching, Career Coaching) and at Case Western Reserve. She has several complementary trainings in different human development approaches such as: Emotional Intelligence, Positive Discipline, Somatic Experience, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Primal Leadership, among others.

Angela Gaehtgens
Angela Gaehtgens

Executive Coach

"I believe that each person has the possibility to become the masterpiece of himself."

With experience in the design and implementation of Executive development programs, through Behavioral Change Facilitation, Mentoring and Coaching. Executive Coach and Coach Trainer of Coaching programs accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation). My passage through some countries, where I studied, at the University of Sheffield, and worked, allowed me a broader and deeper vision of the various contexts and multi-cultural realities that are reflected in the Leadership and management of Organizations. 

Carolina Menezes
Carolina Menezes

Executive Coach

"At the service of executives and teams that develop activity with great autonomy, through coaching"

With experience in the strategic areas of human resources and transversal projects, in large companies and economic groups; consultancy and training for executives and leaders, where I coordinated the design and delivery of advanced learning solutions, in partnership with clients, business school teachers and facilitators, combining action learning, blended learning, business simulations and coaching; teaching in post-graduate and executive programs at Católica Porto Business School; author of an online leadership course and co-author of a coaching book.  My academic background is psychology and a Master of Arts in Business Communication.

Elsa Dinis

Career Coach

"Sharing with Individuals and Organizations their Transformation Processes, through Coaching!"

I develop Coaching projects since 2017. Senior Project Manager, dedicated to digital transformation projects as a lever for changing behavior, culture and people, focused on Human Resources Processes. With a professional career of 22 years focused on Human Resources consulting, I have worked with numerous clients in national and international markets, around the themes of Assessment & Development Centre, Organizational Design, Leadership Development, HR Transformation & Change Management. I had the opportunity to participate in Assessment & Development Centers with more than 2500 individuals, being certified in several Assessment methodologies and instruments, namely DISC, Lumina, CPBA and Saville.

Joana Proença
Joana Proença

Coach certificada pela
EpiCoaching Academy

"Accompany clients in the development of their potentialities and in their personal growth".

With psychology as her background, her professional career has focused mainly on accompanying people to better adapt to the world according to their purpose, challenging them to develop their full physical, affective, intellectual and social potential in a balanced way. It is also in this way that, as a Coach, he has been accompanying his clients in the search for answers for the achievement of their goals and, mainly, in the attainment of great results, regardless of their nature.


Masterful Me means the responsibility of each individual to surpass himself, to go to the discovery of the best of himself. The master idea is that each person becomes aware of the space that exists within himself to be filled with something better. 

Masterful Me wants everyone to become “master of themselves”!

Our Compass

The Masterfule Me logo is inspired by the Portuguese Discoveries and the caravels that set sail to discover new worlds. The brand is represented by two overlapping sails, one inverted over the other. The yellow color gives them a star appearance, the guiding star of discovery, the light, the ability to see further, to go beyond.



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